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Mindset 165

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by C.L. Harmon
Nothing has ever been destroyed by peace, lost through understanding, burdened by compassion or stolen through honesty. These are lessons that have slipped from the human conscience as we have grown older and grown apart.
We have become a people that has forgotten to raise our nations in simplicity, thus we have become a race lost unto itself.
We have forgotten to teach honesty to our children so they will be become adults with integrity. We have forgotten to teach that we all must accept responsibility for our actions and learn to apologize so we can understand that the true meaning of respect is earned not self-proclaimed.
We have forgotten to live with understanding so that new generations discover fairness and compromise and that one only works when applied to the other. We have forgotten to express compassion to friend and enemy alike and so our world has suffered the tragedies of indifference and not the benefit of charity.
We have simply forgotten to be who we should be. If we continue to allow these lessons to slip away from our lives, then eventually they will be beyond our reach. A people who can no longer learn the simple lessons of life are a people who lose themselves and ultimately become lost to history.


Minddset 161

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by C.L. Harmon
We all die a coward; we all die a hero. We all die a sinner; we all die a saint. We all live as these things and so much more in this life we are given.
We have a tendency to define others—even categorize them—but life cannot be separated and catalogued into specific classes. We are all much to complex for such simplicity. We are everything at any given time.
There are moments in our lives when we are all frightened and feel cowardice overwhelm us. No one is completely immune to fear, otherwise bravery would be only a passive word void of the action of conquest.
Regardless of our disposition toward life or the method in which we live it, there will be moments when we contribute to the existence around us. If even for a moment we make a sacrifice, put someone before us or offer a kind word to another, we are that someone’s hero in that moment.
There is no perfect life that we can achieve. Iniquity is in our nature. We will cause others pain and bring varying degrees of suffering through our words, actions and choices. It is imperative that we do so if we are to truly understand the sacrifice given for our forgiveness.
It is tragedy and devastation that spark compassion and generosity. As a witness to such calamity, our hearts cannot deny their  desire to bring relief. It’s as though the heart becomes the conscience of humanity making saints of us all in a time when the spirits of others need lifting.

Mindset 160

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by C.L. Harmon
Suppose acquiring the needs and desires of this world were as simple as wishing for them. Consider that even the hardships and fortunes were evenly distributed among the entire populous and fairness replaced partiality.
What would we be willing to sacrifice for a life such as this and at what total costs to ourselves? At times, we all wish for life to be easier and less arduous without realizing the benefit of a challenging existence.
Within those wishes are losses that are imperative to our growth. Every difficulty in life offers us something. Discord offers us a will of endurance which offers us the benefit of perseverance, which then teaches us the virtue of patience which will give us the time to find understanding and seek compromise.
If we were able to wish those things we need and desire without the benefit of work, we would lose the sense of pride that comes from being productive. From the loss of that pride we lose self-worth and from that loss we lose the need to believe in our potential to create and discover.
Each trying moment within every difficult hour holds a lifetime of growth that is lost in the easiest of endeavors. It is through the times we struggle and work that we grow to be great. And it is in that greatness others labor to find it in themselves.

Mindset 159

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by C.L. Harmon
Nothing in the world is ever accomplished by one; it is only carried to the next level by the ones who follow until its completion. There is no true sense of singular achievement in our realm of existence.
Everything in creation is an evolving process which takes from what was—to become what is—and to form what will eventually be. We often become blind to this truth as we find success in our endeavors, taking credit for the present without acknowledgement of the past.
Our sense of pride in our accomplishments become greater to us than the gratitude owed to those who paved the way to our success. Every beginning is owed recognition by its ending and every ending is obliged to a new beginning.
When we understand this and choose to live by it, then we are humbled to the point of expressing true appreciation for all of those who gave a part of themselves to help us and our works become whole.
The achievement of any triumph belongs to both the past and present and its true identity will never be owned by one but instead shared by the many that make beginnings anew through their continued progress into the future.

Mindset 158

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by C.L. Harmon
Would you cut off Michelangelo’s arms while he was in the middle of painting the Sistene Chapel? Would you pluck the petals of a rose before it has the chance to fully open? Do you build a bridge only to stop when it is partially completed?
Why would you? Why would anyone stop a process before it has time to reach its full potential? We would not stop actions that result in artistic masterpieces or ones that expand our horizons. And yet we stop so many others processes for a variety of reasons which then create problems further creating issues with opposing sides.
There seems to be a great simplicity that has been lost. Through our will to choose a side instead of allowing that side to remain as part of the whole, we forget the miracolous awe of the process itself and threaten the very existence of that particular process.
Perhaps this is because we only look at those issues from our own point of views instead of our Creators. Consider that to Him everything in creation is an unfinished process that is in a perpetual state of change and growth; making every process and each mutation a new and exciting addition to His universe.
From one dividing cell in nature to the millionth brush stroke in the Sistene Chapel, there is and has always been a process. And it does not ask to be chosen as an issue but only for the opportunity to become a  new and different addition to its Creator’s universe.

Mindset 157

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by C.L. Harmon
We often become victims of our own progress, creating entities which grow larger than we as individuals believe we can control. Perhaps we do this as a means to be assured that we are taken care of.
But at what cost do we determine that enough has been spent to ensure our well-being? And when does it become to late to make that determination for ourselves?
Is it enough to simply trust those within the entities to represent our interests? Or do we need to remind them by our presence and actions that trust is not guaranteed to one but a privilege given by many, and if warranted, seized by all when that trust is violated.
We allow these entities to control our wealth by the levies they impose, our collective conscience by the laws they pass and even our freedoms by the restrictions they deem necessary to ensure safety…and many of these actions they have done without benefit of the voice for whom they were entrusted to serve.
When those who govern become entities, they cease to be a people and thus a representation thereof. It is the people, both as individuals and collectively as a nation, who must live with any burden imposed by its entities and it is those same people who must dismantle those entities when they no longer hear the voice of the people.

Mindset 156

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by C.L. Harmon
Does a whisper last forever? Is it floating through the ages silently brushing up against us or did it die seconds after leaving the lips from which it came?
The correct answer is irrelevant and likely impossible to ever be known. But for most, the belief in the correct answer being one choice or the other is quite relevant and has fostered different religions, politics and even wars.
Believing in a particular faith, practicing a certain religion or the belief that all questions can be answered and riddles solved through means of science and philosophy,  are simply tools of understanding we give ourselves to make sense of an existence that so often makes no sense.
We live a life of perpetual education, everything must be learned and developed before being understood. That understanding is not exclusively one method, but more a vast network of influences and knowledge that we choose as those tools to discover our own perceptions.
As each life is its own with a purpose and a reason endowed by the Creator, then shouldn’t that life know which are the best tools to achieve that purpose and find meaning in its reason?
For us, it is only to listen for a whisper and then decide for ourselves what we hear. That decision marks the beginning of a life that we custom build using tools specifically designed by us.