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Mindset 157

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by C.L. Harmon
We often become victims of our own progress, creating entities which grow larger than we as individuals believe we can control. Perhaps we do this as a means to be assured that we are taken care of.
But at what cost do we determine that enough has been spent to ensure our well-being? And when does it become to late to make that determination for ourselves?
Is it enough to simply trust those within the entities to represent our interests? Or do we need to remind them by our presence and actions that trust is not guaranteed to one but a privilege given by many, and if warranted, seized by all when that trust is violated.
We allow these entities to control our wealth by the levies they impose, our collective conscience by the laws they pass and even our freedoms by the restrictions they deem necessary to ensure safety…and many of these actions they have done without benefit of the voice for whom they were entrusted to serve.
When those who govern become entities, they cease to be a people and thus a representation thereof. It is the people, both as individuals and collectively as a nation, who must live with any burden imposed by its entities and it is those same people who must dismantle those entities when they no longer hear the voice of the people.


Mindset 148

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by C.L. Harmon
The basis for any civilization to make peace with the atrocities committed by those who choose to not live within the bounds of conscience, morality, and compassion is the strength of the foundation in which that culture is built.
There is no utopia within the confines of human existence. But there is understanding and there is always the truth in which to build a society upon.
The foundation for a society will support the will of its people if it is built on the premise of seeking the truth, understanding its flaws, and allowing equal justice to be the measure of its collective conscience.
Revenge, retaliation and retribution lack mercy. They are blind to justice and therefore stand on a foundation which morality cannot see or support. These are actions which degrade the character of humanity causing its civilization to eventually topple.
The absence of conscience is chaos. It is not the foundation in which humanity was formed upon, but the crumbling erosion of a society created to allow the evils of humanity to become more important than the principles of righteousness.


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When I was a young boy, seven or eight years old, I remember standing in my parent’s body shop listening to Marshall Tucker Band’s “Heard It In A Love Song”. I believe it was one of those times in life when certain pieces of our surroundings fall together to form a memory that we never forget. One that we recall from time to time to remind us that there are moments in this life that are truly magical amid the hours of struggle and disappointment.
The music along with the view of the stretching highway void of traffic in front of me and the silence of the usual tools banging and grinding behind me, were moments that were unfamiliar in my young and ever active existence. My childhood was a loving and warm marathon of chaos where noise and constant movement were the norm.
For those few moments, when the calm and still events were taking place coupled with my inclusion among them, a picture perfect memory was formed. This would be the first time I remember the world being a much deeper and mystical place than the surface world I had only known to that point.
I have often thought back to that moment during times in my life when things didn’t make sense or if I just felt a void of some sort. It gives me joy, not happiness, but just a sense of joy that only comes with the security that “you know everything is going to be alright.” Perhaps in those few moments God picked me up in his hand and held and protected me even though I don’t remember feeling any cause for distress.
Whatever it was, the reasons for it remain a mystery but what it sparked I hope to share with you in these words. Mindsets are not meant to be a method of living or a gospel of humanity as I would never presume to be so pious. They are simply open-ended thoughts that I hope people will respond to much the same way they would to a kind comment or giving gesture.