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Mindset 166

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by C.L. Harmon
Everything in our lives is connected. All that we see, experience, learn and understand connects to the other at some point during the course of our lives.
As we live day to day, what we perceive as random acts, accidents or seemingly unimportant events thread themselves into our psyche and become part of a woven tapestry making up our existence.
We may go for years not remembering a specific image we saw or moment from our past and then through a new experience, it comes back, helping us to understand our new circumstances.
Quite often that moment or image will seem insignificant when experienced. But when the connection is eventually made, we begin to realize that what was then was simply a part waiting to connect to what is now. These small threads connect to become a weave that will ultimately connect to what will be.
Everything in life is connected with one part simply a part of another. We are all threads weaving our way through life, connecting to each other and adding to the fabric of society. When our spool is at its end, what we as individuals have woven is left as a small part of who we were connected to a larger part of life’s tapestry, ultimately revealing who we now are together.


Mindset 164

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by C.L. Harmon
At what point does freewill stop and faith begin? Does the Creator monitor his creations and guide them through the use of intervention or does he simply allow us to make every choice regardless of the consequences?
By design, life is a journey. It is never still and cannot be stopped until that life is over. Imprisonment and neglect do not stop it nor have any actions perpetrated since the beginning of humanity been successful.
We continue on that journey without the ability to stop time, reverse age or change the internal essence that makes us who we are as people. This suggests that we do not have complete control but instead are given limitations.
However we, are also given choices such as how we choose to live our lives, treat others and pursue interests. We can choose to be negative, fearful, angry, criminal, giving, kind, compassionate and selfless. The choice is ours and has always been.
What we are not given is the power to destroy our Creator’s intention for us. We are all created for a purpose which is impervious to our choices. What is designed or destined to happen will be, but the aspects of that journey leading to the outcome is of our choosing.
When our choices become destructive to the fate we are charged to fulfil, there will be intervention to correct those actions. So it is not the Creator’s purpose for us or even the actions we often feel are out of our control that we should concern ourselves with,  but simply with the path that gives our time on earth the most beneficial purpose.

Mindset 159

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by C.L. Harmon
Nothing in the world is ever accomplished by one; it is only carried to the next level by the ones who follow until its completion. There is no true sense of singular achievement in our realm of existence.
Everything in creation is an evolving process which takes from what was—to become what is—and to form what will eventually be. We often become blind to this truth as we find success in our endeavors, taking credit for the present without acknowledgement of the past.
Our sense of pride in our accomplishments become greater to us than the gratitude owed to those who paved the way to our success. Every beginning is owed recognition by its ending and every ending is obliged to a new beginning.
When we understand this and choose to live by it, then we are humbled to the point of expressing true appreciation for all of those who gave a part of themselves to help us and our works become whole.
The achievement of any triumph belongs to both the past and present and its true identity will never be owned by one but instead shared by the many that make beginnings anew through their continued progress into the future.

Mindset 152

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by C.L. Harmon
When we live without reason we exist without freedom. Chaos captures us when what is on the outside influences us more than what is on the inside.
It seems probable that we are programmed to some degree during our creation. Little adjustments or additions that make some right-handed while others are left or allows for one person to be shy why others seem naturally comfortable around people or an adjustment that even makes some more creative while leaving others with little talent for the arts at all.
Based upon this belief, it would seem likely that other additions or adjustments were made at the same time. Perhaps a conscience or some moral code that is woven within the fiber of our being to help us along as we make our choices in life.
When we distance ourselves from that internal set of rules and sense of what is right and begin living without the benefit of those rules, chaos begins to imprison us.
Words that are corrupt, actions that cause turmoil and desires that destroy are done without the benefit of reason. These words and actions limit us thus imprisoning us within their consequences.
Reason however, is a fundamental key to understanding each other and each time we use it, we unlock a bit of humanity allowing the universe to grow exponentially, expanding our realm in which to experience even more freedom.

Mindset 151

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by C.L. Harmon
When we think of our lives, our place in humanity and our world, we tend to think of it on a broad scale that encompasses all that we do and experience as an ordinary ritual of sorts. But what if that world we focus so heavily on each day causes us to lose sight of so much more.
Consider that all life, each individual entity, is a world all its own, made up of countless functions and processes in constant motion. We must realize that life is happening in each ability, every talent, each characteristic—every second. Examine them as though they are the only thing in your world. See them as a sole entity, full of energy and vitality and become enlightened as to the extraordinary genius of your creation.
Within each thought that becomes an idea, every ability that becomes a creation and each characteristic that brings interaction with others, there is an opportunity to discover that perhaps the meaning of life is simply that life has meaning. The hours we are given to live are our opportunity to find that meaning in each and every aspect of our lives.

Mindset 148

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by C.L. Harmon
The basis for any civilization to make peace with the atrocities committed by those who choose to not live within the bounds of conscience, morality, and compassion is the strength of the foundation in which that culture is built.
There is no utopia within the confines of human existence. But there is understanding and there is always the truth in which to build a society upon.
The foundation for a society will support the will of its people if it is built on the premise of seeking the truth, understanding its flaws, and allowing equal justice to be the measure of its collective conscience.
Revenge, retaliation and retribution lack mercy. They are blind to justice and therefore stand on a foundation which morality cannot see or support. These are actions which degrade the character of humanity causing its civilization to eventually topple.
The absence of conscience is chaos. It is not the foundation in which humanity was formed upon, but the crumbling erosion of a society created to allow the evils of humanity to become more important than the principles of righteousness.


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When I was a young boy, seven or eight years old, I remember standing in my parent’s body shop listening to Marshall Tucker Band’s “Heard It In A Love Song”. I believe it was one of those times in life when certain pieces of our surroundings fall together to form a memory that we never forget. One that we recall from time to time to remind us that there are moments in this life that are truly magical amid the hours of struggle and disappointment.
The music along with the view of the stretching highway void of traffic in front of me and the silence of the usual tools banging and grinding behind me, were moments that were unfamiliar in my young and ever active existence. My childhood was a loving and warm marathon of chaos where noise and constant movement were the norm.
For those few moments, when the calm and still events were taking place coupled with my inclusion among them, a picture perfect memory was formed. This would be the first time I remember the world being a much deeper and mystical place than the surface world I had only known to that point.
I have often thought back to that moment during times in my life when things didn’t make sense or if I just felt a void of some sort. It gives me joy, not happiness, but just a sense of joy that only comes with the security that “you know everything is going to be alright.” Perhaps in those few moments God picked me up in his hand and held and protected me even though I don’t remember feeling any cause for distress.
Whatever it was, the reasons for it remain a mystery but what it sparked I hope to share with you in these words. Mindsets are not meant to be a method of living or a gospel of humanity as I would never presume to be so pious. They are simply open-ended thoughts that I hope people will respond to much the same way they would to a kind comment or giving gesture.