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Mindset 165

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by C.L. Harmon
Nothing has ever been destroyed by peace, lost through understanding, burdened by compassion or stolen through honesty. These are lessons that have slipped from the human conscience as we have grown older and grown apart.
We have become a people that has forgotten to raise our nations in simplicity, thus we have become a race lost unto itself.
We have forgotten to teach honesty to our children so they will be become adults with integrity. We have forgotten to teach that we all must accept responsibility for our actions and learn to apologize so we can understand that the true meaning of respect is earned not self-proclaimed.
We have forgotten to live with understanding so that new generations discover fairness and compromise and that one only works when applied to the other. We have forgotten to express compassion to friend and enemy alike and so our world has suffered the tragedies of indifference and not the benefit of charity.
We have simply forgotten to be who we should be. If we continue to allow these lessons to slip away from our lives, then eventually they will be beyond our reach. A people who can no longer learn the simple lessons of life are a people who lose themselves and ultimately become lost to history.


Mindset 163

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by C.L. Harmon
Sometimes all we can do is accept the decisions of others. Although life is so much about choices, we are often not given the choice to change the views and decisions of others.
Many times our only option is to accept and this is not by accident but by design. This act of acceptance, however, does not mean that we have faith in other’s choices. It does not mean we believe in them or understand the direction they have chosen to pursue.
To be believed in is a fundamental need for us all to build character, confidence and self worth. There are no great achievements without support, no rewards without faith. As we live we learn that we are created to believe in possibilities, not question them.
This is accomplished by choosing to have faith in ourselves and others. Unlike acceptance, this faith is always a choice which cannot be forced; it can only be given. This too is done by design.
Sometimes we are forced to accept so we can be given the opportunity to believe. If we choose to look beyond our own views pertaining to the lives of others and simply offer our faith to them and their choices, we become a part of all their accomplishments.
Endless possibilities exist only in the presence of unwavering faith. When we believe in others, we not only give a part of ourselves to them, we tell them that they matter. And it is that faith which is the most important element needed to achieve great things.

Mindset 156

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by C.L. Harmon
Does a whisper last forever? Is it floating through the ages silently brushing up against us or did it die seconds after leaving the lips from which it came?
The correct answer is irrelevant and likely impossible to ever be known. But for most, the belief in the correct answer being one choice or the other is quite relevant and has fostered different religions, politics and even wars.
Believing in a particular faith, practicing a certain religion or the belief that all questions can be answered and riddles solved through means of science and philosophy,  are simply tools of understanding we give ourselves to make sense of an existence that so often makes no sense.
We live a life of perpetual education, everything must be learned and developed before being understood. That understanding is not exclusively one method, but more a vast network of influences and knowledge that we choose as those tools to discover our own perceptions.
As each life is its own with a purpose and a reason endowed by the Creator, then shouldn’t that life know which are the best tools to achieve that purpose and find meaning in its reason?
For us, it is only to listen for a whisper and then decide for ourselves what we hear. That decision marks the beginning of a life that we custom build using tools specifically designed by us.

Mindset 152

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by C.L. Harmon
When we live without reason we exist without freedom. Chaos captures us when what is on the outside influences us more than what is on the inside.
It seems probable that we are programmed to some degree during our creation. Little adjustments or additions that make some right-handed while others are left or allows for one person to be shy why others seem naturally comfortable around people or an adjustment that even makes some more creative while leaving others with little talent for the arts at all.
Based upon this belief, it would seem likely that other additions or adjustments were made at the same time. Perhaps a conscience or some moral code that is woven within the fiber of our being to help us along as we make our choices in life.
When we distance ourselves from that internal set of rules and sense of what is right and begin living without the benefit of those rules, chaos begins to imprison us.
Words that are corrupt, actions that cause turmoil and desires that destroy are done without the benefit of reason. These words and actions limit us thus imprisoning us within their consequences.
Reason however, is a fundamental key to understanding each other and each time we use it, we unlock a bit of humanity allowing the universe to grow exponentially, expanding our realm in which to experience even more freedom.


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When I was a young boy, seven or eight years old, I remember standing in my parent’s body shop listening to Marshall Tucker Band’s “Heard It In A Love Song”. I believe it was one of those times in life when certain pieces of our surroundings fall together to form a memory that we never forget. One that we recall from time to time to remind us that there are moments in this life that are truly magical amid the hours of struggle and disappointment.
The music along with the view of the stretching highway void of traffic in front of me and the silence of the usual tools banging and grinding behind me, were moments that were unfamiliar in my young and ever active existence. My childhood was a loving and warm marathon of chaos where noise and constant movement were the norm.
For those few moments, when the calm and still events were taking place coupled with my inclusion among them, a picture perfect memory was formed. This would be the first time I remember the world being a much deeper and mystical place than the surface world I had only known to that point.
I have often thought back to that moment during times in my life when things didn’t make sense or if I just felt a void of some sort. It gives me joy, not happiness, but just a sense of joy that only comes with the security that “you know everything is going to be alright.” Perhaps in those few moments God picked me up in his hand and held and protected me even though I don’t remember feeling any cause for distress.
Whatever it was, the reasons for it remain a mystery but what it sparked I hope to share with you in these words. Mindsets are not meant to be a method of living or a gospel of humanity as I would never presume to be so pious. They are simply open-ended thoughts that I hope people will respond to much the same way they would to a kind comment or giving gesture.