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Mindset 8/4/16

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By C.L. Harmon

Is it not reasonable to assume that each and every aspect of our lives is different and unique from another’s? Consider the incredible fact that each human being is created differently. We are created in the same way, but are never the same and never duplicated.

Although our hearts beat in the same way, pump blood in the same manner and break down over time in the same fashion, they are all different in the aspects of how we suffer loss and heart break. The pain we experience may differ, but how we choose to cope with it may be completely different than even our closest companions.

Our responses to experiences in life are not mathematical formulas hard wired within us. They are individual reactions of the same unique design that gives us our personalities, sense of humor and physical appearances. Just as we are not designed to look exactly like others, we too should not be expected to act or react as others do either.

There is a divine purpose as to why we are unique. That purpose is not to judge others based on what we believe an action or reaction should be, but to accept those differences which separate us and keep us from reaching the greater understanding that our Creation was designed without limits.


Mindset 162

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by C.L. Harmon
What we refuse to acknowledge is the measure of how much we lose. Every blessing bestowed upon us becomes a curse when we seek more than the blessing offers. When we seek more than what has been given, that original blessing is lost to us in exchange for a desire that has no absolute certainty.
If we ask why a given amount is all we receive from a blessing, then we have convinced ourselves that we need more, thus creating a thirst. But if we proclaim that what we have is all we need, then there is no need to want more and our thirst is quenched.
To want more is perhaps the greatest example of just how thin the line which separates good from evil actually is. We must all decide for ourselves what we need to be happy, then learn to be happy without it.
If we learn to live with nothing then any gift becomes everything. We should also remember that no one gets everything, yet everyone gets something.
We are given what is required for each of us to grow into a specific purpose meant only for us. When we choose to focus on wanting more, then we are separated from that purpose and drawn into a quest chasing a thirst which can never be quenched. No one who chooses to want more, ever proclaims there is enough.

Mindset 152

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by C.L. Harmon
When we live without reason we exist without freedom. Chaos captures us when what is on the outside influences us more than what is on the inside.
It seems probable that we are programmed to some degree during our creation. Little adjustments or additions that make some right-handed while others are left or allows for one person to be shy why others seem naturally comfortable around people or an adjustment that even makes some more creative while leaving others with little talent for the arts at all.
Based upon this belief, it would seem likely that other additions or adjustments were made at the same time. Perhaps a conscience or some moral code that is woven within the fiber of our being to help us along as we make our choices in life.
When we distance ourselves from that internal set of rules and sense of what is right and begin living without the benefit of those rules, chaos begins to imprison us.
Words that are corrupt, actions that cause turmoil and desires that destroy are done without the benefit of reason. These words and actions limit us thus imprisoning us within their consequences.
Reason however, is a fundamental key to understanding each other and each time we use it, we unlock a bit of humanity allowing the universe to grow exponentially, expanding our realm in which to experience even more freedom.


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When I was a young boy, seven or eight years old, I remember standing in my parent’s body shop listening to Marshall Tucker Band’s “Heard It In A Love Song”. I believe it was one of those times in life when certain pieces of our surroundings fall together to form a memory that we never forget. One that we recall from time to time to remind us that there are moments in this life that are truly magical amid the hours of struggle and disappointment.
The music along with the view of the stretching highway void of traffic in front of me and the silence of the usual tools banging and grinding behind me, were moments that were unfamiliar in my young and ever active existence. My childhood was a loving and warm marathon of chaos where noise and constant movement were the norm.
For those few moments, when the calm and still events were taking place coupled with my inclusion among them, a picture perfect memory was formed. This would be the first time I remember the world being a much deeper and mystical place than the surface world I had only known to that point.
I have often thought back to that moment during times in my life when things didn’t make sense or if I just felt a void of some sort. It gives me joy, not happiness, but just a sense of joy that only comes with the security that “you know everything is going to be alright.” Perhaps in those few moments God picked me up in his hand and held and protected me even though I don’t remember feeling any cause for distress.
Whatever it was, the reasons for it remain a mystery but what it sparked I hope to share with you in these words. Mindsets are not meant to be a method of living or a gospel of humanity as I would never presume to be so pious. They are simply open-ended thoughts that I hope people will respond to much the same way they would to a kind comment or giving gesture.