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Mindset 8/4/16

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By C.L. Harmon

Is it not reasonable to assume that each and every aspect of our lives is different and unique from another’s? Consider the incredible fact that each human being is created differently. We are created in the same way, but are never the same and never duplicated.

Although our hearts beat in the same way, pump blood in the same manner and break down over time in the same fashion, they are all different in the aspects of how we suffer loss and heart break. The pain we experience may differ, but how we choose to cope with it may be completely different than even our closest companions.

Our responses to experiences in life are not mathematical formulas hard wired within us. They are individual reactions of the same unique design that gives us our personalities, sense of humor and physical appearances. Just as we are not designed to look exactly like others, we too should not be expected to act or react as others do either.

There is a divine purpose as to why we are unique. That purpose is not to judge others based on what we believe an action or reaction should be, but to accept those differences which separate us and keep us from reaching the greater understanding that our Creation was designed without limits.


Mindset 2-19-15

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By C.L. Harmon

The right to speak, to be informed, to be heard and to understand are not free, nor are they easily attainable or kept. They represent the very essence of self and the expression associated with identity. A sense of self and one’s belief to expression is an enemy to authority. Control and freedom can only coexist within a society when both are respective of the role the other plays and its importance in maintaining the balance that is neccessary for harmony.

Although there can be harmony, one must always be dominant. We can choose to be free with limits of control or we can choose to be controlled with limited freedom. We cannot have both. People of every nation must choose for themselves which it is they wish to be. They must not ask their governments or other nations to choose for them because it is individuals who desire freedoms and liberties, not governments.

Authority by definition is control and it is rarely in the nature of authority to grant the freedom that limits or abolishes that control. In order to be free, we must act as free. Control desires nothing more than a willingness not to act by people for it to rule.