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Mindset 8/4/16

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By C.L. Harmon

Is it not reasonable to assume that each and every aspect of our lives is different and unique from another’s? Consider the incredible fact that each human being is created differently. We are created in the same way, but are never the same and never duplicated.

Although our hearts beat in the same way, pump blood in the same manner and break down over time in the same fashion, they are all different in the aspects of how we suffer loss and heart break. The pain we experience may differ, but how we choose to cope with it may be completely different than even our closest companions.

Our responses to experiences in life are not mathematical formulas hard wired within us. They are individual reactions of the same unique design that gives us our personalities, sense of humor and physical appearances. Just as we are not designed to look exactly like others, we too should not be expected to act or react as others do either.

There is a divine purpose as to why we are unique. That purpose is not to judge others based on what we believe an action or reaction should be, but to accept those differences which separate us and keep us from reaching the greater understanding that our Creation was designed without limits.


Mindset 166

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by C.L. Harmon
Everything in our lives is connected. All that we see, experience, learn and understand connects to the other at some point during the course of our lives.
As we live day to day, what we perceive as random acts, accidents or seemingly unimportant events thread themselves into our psyche and become part of a woven tapestry making up our existence.
We may go for years not remembering a specific image we saw or moment from our past and then through a new experience, it comes back, helping us to understand our new circumstances.
Quite often that moment or image will seem insignificant when experienced. But when the connection is eventually made, we begin to realize that what was then was simply a part waiting to connect to what is now. These small threads connect to become a weave that will ultimately connect to what will be.
Everything in life is connected with one part simply a part of another. We are all threads weaving our way through life, connecting to each other and adding to the fabric of society. When our spool is at its end, what we as individuals have woven is left as a small part of who we were connected to a larger part of life’s tapestry, ultimately revealing who we now are together.

Mindset 165

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by C.L. Harmon
Nothing has ever been destroyed by peace, lost through understanding, burdened by compassion or stolen through honesty. These are lessons that have slipped from the human conscience as we have grown older and grown apart.
We have become a people that has forgotten to raise our nations in simplicity, thus we have become a race lost unto itself.
We have forgotten to teach honesty to our children so they will be become adults with integrity. We have forgotten to teach that we all must accept responsibility for our actions and learn to apologize so we can understand that the true meaning of respect is earned not self-proclaimed.
We have forgotten to live with understanding so that new generations discover fairness and compromise and that one only works when applied to the other. We have forgotten to express compassion to friend and enemy alike and so our world has suffered the tragedies of indifference and not the benefit of charity.
We have simply forgotten to be who we should be. If we continue to allow these lessons to slip away from our lives, then eventually they will be beyond our reach. A people who can no longer learn the simple lessons of life are a people who lose themselves and ultimately become lost to history.

Mindset 162

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by C.L. Harmon
What we refuse to acknowledge is the measure of how much we lose. Every blessing bestowed upon us becomes a curse when we seek more than the blessing offers. When we seek more than what has been given, that original blessing is lost to us in exchange for a desire that has no absolute certainty.
If we ask why a given amount is all we receive from a blessing, then we have convinced ourselves that we need more, thus creating a thirst. But if we proclaim that what we have is all we need, then there is no need to want more and our thirst is quenched.
To want more is perhaps the greatest example of just how thin the line which separates good from evil actually is. We must all decide for ourselves what we need to be happy, then learn to be happy without it.
If we learn to live with nothing then any gift becomes everything. We should also remember that no one gets everything, yet everyone gets something.
We are given what is required for each of us to grow into a specific purpose meant only for us. When we choose to focus on wanting more, then we are separated from that purpose and drawn into a quest chasing a thirst which can never be quenched. No one who chooses to want more, ever proclaims there is enough.

Mindset 160

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by C.L. Harmon
Suppose acquiring the needs and desires of this world were as simple as wishing for them. Consider that even the hardships and fortunes were evenly distributed among the entire populous and fairness replaced partiality.
What would we be willing to sacrifice for a life such as this and at what total costs to ourselves? At times, we all wish for life to be easier and less arduous without realizing the benefit of a challenging existence.
Within those wishes are losses that are imperative to our growth. Every difficulty in life offers us something. Discord offers us a will of endurance which offers us the benefit of perseverance, which then teaches us the virtue of patience which will give us the time to find understanding and seek compromise.
If we were able to wish those things we need and desire without the benefit of work, we would lose the sense of pride that comes from being productive. From the loss of that pride we lose self-worth and from that loss we lose the need to believe in our potential to create and discover.
Each trying moment within every difficult hour holds a lifetime of growth that is lost in the easiest of endeavors. It is through the times we struggle and work that we grow to be great. And it is in that greatness others labor to find it in themselves.

Mindset 156

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by C.L. Harmon
Does a whisper last forever? Is it floating through the ages silently brushing up against us or did it die seconds after leaving the lips from which it came?
The correct answer is irrelevant and likely impossible to ever be known. But for most, the belief in the correct answer being one choice or the other is quite relevant and has fostered different religions, politics and even wars.
Believing in a particular faith, practicing a certain religion or the belief that all questions can be answered and riddles solved through means of science and philosophy,  are simply tools of understanding we give ourselves to make sense of an existence that so often makes no sense.
We live a life of perpetual education, everything must be learned and developed before being understood. That understanding is not exclusively one method, but more a vast network of influences and knowledge that we choose as those tools to discover our own perceptions.
As each life is its own with a purpose and a reason endowed by the Creator, then shouldn’t that life know which are the best tools to achieve that purpose and find meaning in its reason?
For us, it is only to listen for a whisper and then decide for ourselves what we hear. That decision marks the beginning of a life that we custom build using tools specifically designed by us.

Mindset 153

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by C.L. Harmon
There was a time when being a leader was a responsibility to better the people and not an honor or title of notoriety. There was an age when being a caregiver meant providing for others out of compassion first and currency second.
There was an epoch when listening to others meant that what they thought had merit and our practice of it showed them respect and taught us humility.
There was an era when the truth was a guide to prove innocence or guilt and not a tool of convenience used to disguise one and deny the other. There was a season when actions were owned and honored, not excused and blamed unto others.
There was a period when faith, not fear led people and a moment in each of our lives when we were given the opportunity to experience all of these ideals by the choices we made.
What decisions we make and principles we choose to live by in the days we are given are the definition of our identity to every generation after us. We are the “time” that the future will refer to for guidance and the basis for the world they leave behind.