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On May 23, 1701 At London’s Execution Dock, British privateer William Kidd, popularly known as Captain Kidd, is hanged for piracy and murder. Kidd established himself as a sea captain before settling in New York in 1690, where he bought property and married. At various times he was commissioned by New York and other American colonies to rid the coast of enemy privateers. In 1695, while on a trip to London, the recently appointed governor of New York commissioned him to defend English ships from pirates in the Red Sea. In 1696, Kidd sailed to New York aboard the Adventure Galley, enlisted men for the mission, and set sail for the Indian Ocean. The expedition met with little success and failed to capture a major prize until February 1698, when the Quedagh Merchant, an Indian vessel allegedly sailing under a French pass, was taken. Word of Kidd’s capture of the boat, which was loaded with gold, jewels, silk, sugar, and guns, aroused significant controversy in Britain, as the ship had an English captain. Suspicions that he had turned to piracy were apparently confirmed when he sailed to St. Mary’s, Madagascar, an infamous pirate haven. In 1701, he was tried on five charges of piracy and one charge of murdering a crewman. Convicted on all counts, he was executed by hanging on May 23, 1701. In later years, a colorful legend grew up around the story of William Kidd, including reports of lost buried treasure that fortune seekers have pursued for centuries.



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By C.L. Harmon

Human beings have the capacity for incredible compassion and indescribable evil. Can one even fathom the amount of faith it must take to entrust such liberty with humanity? The very idea that a creation made out of love can destroy itself with hate or evil must show the incredible importance of love to the Creator.

To allow cruelty and injustice to prosper defines what the value of choice actually represents. The gift of choice does more than set a course for our lives; it represents the idea that what we choose as individuals matters most to the Creator. Obedience can be chosen or ordered, but love cannot be forced. It can only manifest through a conscious choice.

Our hearts beat because nature dictates them to do so. They provide compassion, forgiveness and understanding because we choose for them to. Freewill is not so much about us choosing paths in our lives, but about choosing the ideals and beliefs that clear paths to a greater understanding of the definition of love.

Mindset 2-19-15

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By C.L. Harmon

The right to speak, to be informed, to be heard and to understand are not free, nor are they easily attainable or kept. They represent the very essence of self and the expression associated with identity. A sense of self and one’s belief to expression is an enemy to authority. Control and freedom can only coexist within a society when both are respective of the role the other plays and its importance in maintaining the balance that is neccessary for harmony.

Although there can be harmony, one must always be dominant. We can choose to be free with limits of control or we can choose to be controlled with limited freedom. We cannot have both. People of every nation must choose for themselves which it is they wish to be. They must not ask their governments or other nations to choose for them because it is individuals who desire freedoms and liberties, not governments.

Authority by definition is control and it is rarely in the nature of authority to grant the freedom that limits or abolishes that control. In order to be free, we must act as free. Control desires nothing more than a willingness not to act by people for it to rule.

Mindset 9-21-11

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By C.L. Harmon

Sometimes we lose parts of ourselves while traveling through this life and most of those times we don’t get them back.
It’s probably one of the saddest realities that we must accept and certainly one we mourn for the rest of our lives.
It haunts us as a ghost as though it wishes to close the separation between us and what we’ve lost. But there is no unification, only the acceptance that our loss has forced us to become someone slightly different and new.
Losing a bit of ourselves is in essence a slow death of who we were and filling that void is a new opportunity to be reborn and live differently. Each day we work to fill those voids, we also slowly begin to live as a new person. It is because we are in a constant state of decay and regeneration that we are able to see that growing and changing are the true miracles of life.
What we lose is never our end but simply a reason for a new beginning.  In order for us to ever live life as it was intended and understand our capabilities, we must experience loss. It is always loss that moves us, opportunity that changes us and a new beginning that proves we are greater than all the losses taken from us combined.

Mindset 9-14-11

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By C.L. Harmon
The world is not just about us! Sadly this is a lesson some never learn. We all have a tendency to see the world only as it applies to us instead of how it affects others and for this reason the world will never be about us.
It is very rarely about the single road which comes from us and most always about the ones we establish that lead us to new people and places. When we focus on that single road, fearing to venture from it in order to help others, then ‘what could have been’ remains a wilderness with both you and them lost on each edge of that un-tamed opportunity.
Leaving the road does not mean leaving yourself; it simply means you have given yourself a new direction in which to connect with others who can now venture into your world.
It is only when they see your world and take a step on the road you have opened, that the wilderness is tamed so that your life becomes important to them. Every road you establish leads to another person who will give a part of their life to you and this is the only way our lives in this world will ever become about us.

Mindset 8-10-11

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By C.L. Harmon
Life has a way of leading us on journeys that we don’t understand and which seem to us to serve no useful purpose in our lives at the time…and often, it seems we would be right. But if you consider the importance of this very moment and what it has taken for you to live it, then you can begin to understand why such moments occur.
What we take from those situations is not intended for use now but for a future moment when it will become beneficial to us. Most of us live in the moment because it is real to us and we feel we have some control over what is substantial, as opposed to the future which is uncertain and offers little, if any, control.
But those future moments are as important to our Creator as the present ones are to us, and so He prepares us for them. Even though we will react when the times come, we wouldn’t have had the right tools to make good choices had it not been for that earlier moment, which made so little sense to us at the time.
All things happen for a reason; as to their meanings, that it is something that will only come from following life’s path and then only in it’s own time.

Quotes Of The Day

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When a nation becomes subject to any form of censorship by its leaders, every citizen has a responsibility to question the acts of those leaders, assemble into an investigative body and remove those leaders if it is found that any citizen’s right to know has been hindered or impeded.   -C.L. Harmon

No human being can truly be free until he or she knows the truth about the circumstance of how their freedom was achieved and how it is kept.            -C.L. Harmon