Mindset 9-21-11

By C.L. Harmon

Sometimes we lose parts of ourselves while traveling through this life and most of those times we don’t get them back.
It’s probably one of the saddest realities that we must accept and certainly one we mourn for the rest of our lives.
It haunts us as a ghost as though it wishes to close the separation between us and what we’ve lost. But there is no unification, only the acceptance that our loss has forced us to become someone slightly different and new.
Losing a bit of ourselves is in essence a slow death of who we were and filling that void is a new opportunity to be reborn and live differently. Each day we work to fill those voids, we also slowly begin to live as a new person. It is because we are in a constant state of decay and regeneration that we are able to see that growing and changing are the true miracles of life.
What we lose is never our end but simply a reason for a new beginning.  In order for us to ever live life as it was intended and understand our capabilities, we must experience loss. It is always loss that moves us, opportunity that changes us and a new beginning that proves we are greater than all the losses taken from us combined.


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