Mindset 9-14-11

By C.L. Harmon
The world is not just about us! Sadly this is a lesson some never learn. We all have a tendency to see the world only as it applies to us instead of how it affects others and for this reason the world will never be about us.
It is very rarely about the single road which comes from us and most always about the ones we establish that lead us to new people and places. When we focus on that single road, fearing to venture from it in order to help others, then ‘what could have been’ remains a wilderness with both you and them lost on each edge of that un-tamed opportunity.
Leaving the road does not mean leaving yourself; it simply means you have given yourself a new direction in which to connect with others who can now venture into your world.
It is only when they see your world and take a step on the road you have opened, that the wilderness is tamed so that your life becomes important to them. Every road you establish leads to another person who will give a part of their life to you and this is the only way our lives in this world will ever become about us.


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