Mindset 203

Any action that must need a lie, in part or as a whole,  to be completed is an action that will have consequences. What is not often considered when a lie is born, is when those consequences will return.
All lies live until replaced by the truth. But it may take years before those truths are discovered, long after the person who created the lie is gone from our lives. So quite often, the innocent will be affected by the damge caused from the deception.
Even when a falsehood is created with the best of intentions, it will still exist, growing in darkness until the truth is revealed. The truth is not always a positive word or declaration and certainly not easy to accept, but it is complete when spoken. There is none to be added, none to be taken away and nothing left to haunt those who come after us.
The truth is the end and the beginning, whereas a lie is only the beginning. As long as it lives, it will spread dark deception until it finally finds its end in the light of the truth.


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