Mindset 201

By C.L. Harmon
Commitment is probably the most misunderstood word of the English language.  When we commit, we can do it out of love, obligation, monetary gain, respect and even guilt among many other reasons. But whatever the reason, it must always be voluntary.
We can be demanded to work, ordered to serve, expected to comply and told what to believe. But only we can choose to commit to those orders, ideas and expectations. It is not the act of compliance but the fortitude to act with our own will that is commitment.
The heart must always concur with the mind if our actions are to become commitments. Otherwise, they simply remain deeds performed instead of a purpose embraced.
Commitment gives us purpose and it gives our acts purpose. It is the origins of quality, pride, perseverance and imperative in order connect to others.
If we are to ever truly become better people, we must first commit ourselves to living a life where we perform all actions with heart. Because only then, do we understand that commitment is the foundation in which all relationships are built.


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