Mindset 200

By C.L. Harmon
What are your actions saying right now? Are they telling someone how much you care for them or that their well being is in your thoughts? Are they planting seeds for a confrontation or devising deception against others?
What you are doing right now may be the last chance to make it known who you love, achieve what you wish to accomplish or make someone understand what they mean to you.
Those actions may also be the last statement you ever make to the world. Life is not about what has been or will be, because those times either belong to the ghosts of the past or to the uncertain reality of the future.
What is real is the moment in which you live. It is the only segment of time that you will truly ever have control over. Your thoughts and your actions this very moment are the ones that will define you before all others. This is the moment that could be the only opportunity left for someone else to understand us, to know us and to realize why they should remember us.


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