Mindset 184

by C.L. Harmon

We are all blind. We are all deaf. We are all mistaken and we are all misunderstood. We are all of these at any given point in life and there is seemingly no escape from this reality.
We are blind to the needs and desires of others because we choose not to see beyond ourselves. And yet we do this only to discover that when we look inside ourselves,  there is no depth and we have lived our years by shallow meanings.
We are deaf to the cries of those who do not directly affect us. We do not hear them because we can’t remain silent long enough to hear anything other than our own voice. And when we are finally quieted, we learn that what we needed to hear the most was the knowledge to stop our own cries.
We are all mistaken because we can never know all aspects of any situation and yet we believe we can. We are incapable of knowing everything and our belief in ourselves above that of our Creator makes us faulty. It is only when we understand that our limitations teach us how to learn from our mistakes that we comprehend just how little we actually do know.
We are all misunderstood, because we are all different and separated by our interpretations of life. True understanding of ourselves is our quest and our identity alone. We should not waste energy trying to understand others but instead, pursue our quest with diligence so that we can live a life which offers us a new understanding of ourselves with each new thought.


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