Mindset 185

by C.L. Harmon
There are many ways to live life, many approaches and philosophies which we can take. These options relay a message from our Creator about acceptance and insight into what we should discover about ourselves.
How we interpret purpose, success, faith and morality defines how we live. There are vast variances in these interpretations from one person to the next. Why not create us with the same stream of conscious thought?
By doing so, wouldn’t war and disagreement be minimal? Wouldn’t humanity live more harmoniously if our design was one of shared understanding? The answer as to why we were not lies in your next thought.
Your next thought will be someone’s insight into a new discovery. Exploration happens and only happens because there is an unknown…you are their unknown.
If we all thought the same, believed the same and lived the same, we would not have the opportunity to learn that an open mind is the door to an open heart. And it is an open heart which leads to a harmonious existence.
Interpretations are not destinations, but open roads which can lead us all to the same place, granted we are willing to explore the possibility that each of us may be the next step on another’s journey.


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