Mindset 183

by C.L. Harmon

What is the acceptance of responsibility and why does it frighten us to the point that we will often do almost anything to avoid owning our words and actions?
‘It’s my fault.’ I was wrong.’ ‘I wish I would have listened.’ These are all phrases that have turned what should be an act of honor into the execution of cowardice. Owning responsibility for what we do is our internal filter that cleans the waste and sludge from our lives.
When we evade those actions, we become a slave to them and they, in turn, become a burden to us. We become weighed down by our avoidance of the consequences created by what we’ve done.
There is honor in admitting mistakes and acknowledging acts of wrong doing. Not only is there dignity in it, but also freedom from its haunting pursuit on our heart. A people who live without honor, become a nation that owns only its sins and never its conscience.
We are exactly what we do. And when we run from that which we practice, then we never truly know who we are. But even more, we never even give ourselves the opportunity to discover who we could have been.


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