Mindset 181

Mindset by
C.L. Harmon

Our lives are conveyed in many ways to others. Through our words, actions, choices and beliefs, we tell the world about ourselves, about who we are and the legacy we are building.
But do we ever truly consider what messages we are sending? Can we stand upon the words which we speak, change the world with our choices and save others with our beliefs?  Are they solid foundations for which our futures can be built and others can rely upon to build their own.
Imagine that every second of our lives is a building block and what we do in that second determines the strength of what we are building. Would we not view that second with the utmost importance?
If it were true, then doesn’t that second become more than just a measurement of time? Doesn’t it then become the most important next step we can take in the building process. Doesn’t it become part of our legacy?
If so, then we must remember that what we build can also be destroyed in that same second when faulty materials such as deception, greed and prejudice are used. Each of these become weaknesses in the building blocks which will eventually crumble under pressure.
We must build with our highest quality materials to move forward. Achievement, success and creation are not born but a series of blocks well laid during the time we are given to construct our legacy.


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