Mindset 180

by C.L. Harmon

It should always be the hope of humanity that each of us will do what is right and act with integrity when faced with opposition and dilemmas; that we and the others involved will act with the highest level of morality.
When we all act with honor, the outcome is a testament to our belief that morality will save us and even elevate us above that outcome. By doing what is fair, what is just, we become the solution to any dilemma, the compromise in any opposition.
For those who wish to be duplicitous, their outcome, though gratifying at the time, eventually becomes another dilemma, another opposition. The wrong we do stays with us, growing and infesting the part which once housed morality.
The one with the moral code walks away from problems knowing that they are free of them, not owing any more than what has been given. Those using deceit are in debt to their immorality and are never free to walk away because a conscience never forgets.
Doing what we know is right is the only action which frees us from ourselves. Forgiveness by others frees them of your deception but forgiveness for ourselves can only come after we acknowledge and act to right our wrongs.


3 Responses to “Mindset 180”

  1. Great clinton!!!

  2. I love it

  3. So true, so true. If more people in this world, myself included, could follow this advice there lives, and the lives of the ones surrounding them, could be so much more rewarding………

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