Mindset 168

by C.L. Harmon
In order to understand why existing concepts are in error, we must go back and look at the precise moment that right became wrong. It is only through realization and understanding that correction can be possible.
Let’s look at the concepts of freedom and that all individuals are created equal. In their origins they are right, fair, equal and just, but is what we experience every day truly the practice of such righteousness?
Humanity does not treat those it deems important and the homeless population the same. One is protected under law or duty while the other is left to die in the streets without either. In essence, this practice places the value of one life over another suggesting one is not equal to another.
When did this become common practice and why did we allow it to happen? Perhaps an ideal that is not practiced should become an idea that needs to find its way back to its origins.
Laws, customs and beliefs which place levels of value on individuals are not concepts of righteousness but practices of arrogance which degrade the importance of all human life. To truly be free, we must become the original concept of freedom through our actions.
The value of life is what we give it. If we are to live as free societies, then we should govern as such expecting no more or no less than those who are governed. Only then will humanity truly be free.


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