Mindset 166

by C.L. Harmon
Everything in our lives is connected. All that we see, experience, learn and understand connects to the other at some point during the course of our lives.
As we live day to day, what we perceive as random acts, accidents or seemingly unimportant events thread themselves into our psyche and become part of a woven tapestry making up our existence.
We may go for years not remembering a specific image we saw or moment from our past and then through a new experience, it comes back, helping us to understand our new circumstances.
Quite often that moment or image will seem insignificant when experienced. But when the connection is eventually made, we begin to realize that what was then was simply a part waiting to connect to what is now. These small threads connect to become a weave that will ultimately connect to what will be.
Everything in life is connected with one part simply a part of another. We are all threads weaving our way through life, connecting to each other and adding to the fabric of society. When our spool is at its end, what we as individuals have woven is left as a small part of who we were connected to a larger part of life’s tapestry, ultimately revealing who we now are together.


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