Mindset 164

by C.L. Harmon
At what point does freewill stop and faith begin? Does the Creator monitor his creations and guide them through the use of intervention or does he simply allow us to make every choice regardless of the consequences?
By design, life is a journey. It is never still and cannot be stopped until that life is over. Imprisonment and neglect do not stop it nor have any actions perpetrated since the beginning of humanity been successful.
We continue on that journey without the ability to stop time, reverse age or change the internal essence that makes us who we are as people. This suggests that we do not have complete control but instead are given limitations.
However we, are also given choices such as how we choose to live our lives, treat others and pursue interests. We can choose to be negative, fearful, angry, criminal, giving, kind, compassionate and selfless. The choice is ours and has always been.
What we are not given is the power to destroy our Creator’s intention for us. We are all created for a purpose which is impervious to our choices. What is designed or destined to happen will be, but the aspects of that journey leading to the outcome is of our choosing.
When our choices become destructive to the fate we are charged to fulfil, there will be intervention to correct those actions. So it is not the Creator’s purpose for us or even the actions we often feel are out of our control that we should concern ourselves with,  but simply with the path that gives our time on earth the most beneficial purpose.


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