Mindset 162

by C.L. Harmon
What we refuse to acknowledge is the measure of how much we lose. Every blessing bestowed upon us becomes a curse when we seek more than the blessing offers. When we seek more than what has been given, that original blessing is lost to us in exchange for a desire that has no absolute certainty.
If we ask why a given amount is all we receive from a blessing, then we have convinced ourselves that we need more, thus creating a thirst. But if we proclaim that what we have is all we need, then there is no need to want more and our thirst is quenched.
To want more is perhaps the greatest example of just how thin the line which separates good from evil actually is. We must all decide for ourselves what we need to be happy, then learn to be happy without it.
If we learn to live with nothing then any gift becomes everything. We should also remember that no one gets everything, yet everyone gets something.
We are given what is required for each of us to grow into a specific purpose meant only for us. When we choose to focus on wanting more, then we are separated from that purpose and drawn into a quest chasing a thirst which can never be quenched. No one who chooses to want more, ever proclaims there is enough.


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