Minddset 161

by C.L. Harmon
We all die a coward; we all die a hero. We all die a sinner; we all die a saint. We all live as these things and so much more in this life we are given.
We have a tendency to define others—even categorize them—but life cannot be separated and catalogued into specific classes. We are all much to complex for such simplicity. We are everything at any given time.
There are moments in our lives when we are all frightened and feel cowardice overwhelm us. No one is completely immune to fear, otherwise bravery would be only a passive word void of the action of conquest.
Regardless of our disposition toward life or the method in which we live it, there will be moments when we contribute to the existence around us. If even for a moment we make a sacrifice, put someone before us or offer a kind word to another, we are that someone’s hero in that moment.
There is no perfect life that we can achieve. Iniquity is in our nature. We will cause others pain and bring varying degrees of suffering through our words, actions and choices. It is imperative that we do so if we are to truly understand the sacrifice given for our forgiveness.
It is tragedy and devastation that spark compassion and generosity. As a witness to such calamity, our hearts cannot deny their  desire to bring relief. It’s as though the heart becomes the conscience of humanity making saints of us all in a time when the spirits of others need lifting.


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