Mindset 160

by C.L. Harmon
Suppose acquiring the needs and desires of this world were as simple as wishing for them. Consider that even the hardships and fortunes were evenly distributed among the entire populous and fairness replaced partiality.
What would we be willing to sacrifice for a life such as this and at what total costs to ourselves? At times, we all wish for life to be easier and less arduous without realizing the benefit of a challenging existence.
Within those wishes are losses that are imperative to our growth. Every difficulty in life offers us something. Discord offers us a will of endurance which offers us the benefit of perseverance, which then teaches us the virtue of patience which will give us the time to find understanding and seek compromise.
If we were able to wish those things we need and desire without the benefit of work, we would lose the sense of pride that comes from being productive. From the loss of that pride we lose self-worth and from that loss we lose the need to believe in our potential to create and discover.
Each trying moment within every difficult hour holds a lifetime of growth that is lost in the easiest of endeavors. It is through the times we struggle and work that we grow to be great. And it is in that greatness others labor to find it in themselves.


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