Mindset 159

by C.L. Harmon
Nothing in the world is ever accomplished by one; it is only carried to the next level by the ones who follow until its completion. There is no true sense of singular achievement in our realm of existence.
Everything in creation is an evolving process which takes from what was—to become what is—and to form what will eventually be. We often become blind to this truth as we find success in our endeavors, taking credit for the present without acknowledgement of the past.
Our sense of pride in our accomplishments become greater to us than the gratitude owed to those who paved the way to our success. Every beginning is owed recognition by its ending and every ending is obliged to a new beginning.
When we understand this and choose to live by it, then we are humbled to the point of expressing true appreciation for all of those who gave a part of themselves to help us and our works become whole.
The achievement of any triumph belongs to both the past and present and its true identity will never be owned by one but instead shared by the many that make beginnings anew through their continued progress into the future.


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