Mindset 158

by C.L. Harmon
Would you cut off Michelangelo’s arms while he was in the middle of painting the Sistene Chapel? Would you pluck the petals of a rose before it has the chance to fully open? Do you build a bridge only to stop when it is partially completed?
Why would you? Why would anyone stop a process before it has time to reach its full potential? We would not stop actions that result in artistic masterpieces or ones that expand our horizons. And yet we stop so many others processes for a variety of reasons which then create problems further creating issues with opposing sides.
There seems to be a great simplicity that has been lost. Through our will to choose a side instead of allowing that side to remain as part of the whole, we forget the miracolous awe of the process itself and threaten the very existence of that particular process.
Perhaps this is because we only look at those issues from our own point of views instead of our Creators. Consider that to Him everything in creation is an unfinished process that is in a perpetual state of change and growth; making every process and each mutation a new and exciting addition to His universe.
From one dividing cell in nature to the millionth brush stroke in the Sistene Chapel, there is and has always been a process. And it does not ask to be chosen as an issue but only for the opportunity to become a  new and different addition to its Creator’s universe.


One Response to “Mindset 158”

  1. Let the process flow, let it flow.

    Let it Flow.

    michael j

    processing from Conshohocken, PA USA

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