Mindset 157

by C.L. Harmon
We often become victims of our own progress, creating entities which grow larger than we as individuals believe we can control. Perhaps we do this as a means to be assured that we are taken care of.
But at what cost do we determine that enough has been spent to ensure our well-being? And when does it become to late to make that determination for ourselves?
Is it enough to simply trust those within the entities to represent our interests? Or do we need to remind them by our presence and actions that trust is not guaranteed to one but a privilege given by many, and if warranted, seized by all when that trust is violated.
We allow these entities to control our wealth by the levies they impose, our collective conscience by the laws they pass and even our freedoms by the restrictions they deem necessary to ensure safety…and many of these actions they have done without benefit of the voice for whom they were entrusted to serve.
When those who govern become entities, they cease to be a people and thus a representation thereof. It is the people, both as individuals and collectively as a nation, who must live with any burden imposed by its entities and it is those same people who must dismantle those entities when they no longer hear the voice of the people.


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