Mindset 156

by C.L. Harmon
Does a whisper last forever? Is it floating through the ages silently brushing up against us or did it die seconds after leaving the lips from which it came?
The correct answer is irrelevant and likely impossible to ever be known. But for most, the belief in the correct answer being one choice or the other is quite relevant and has fostered different religions, politics and even wars.
Believing in a particular faith, practicing a certain religion or the belief that all questions can be answered and riddles solved through means of science and philosophy,  are simply tools of understanding we give ourselves to make sense of an existence that so often makes no sense.
We live a life of perpetual education, everything must be learned and developed before being understood. That understanding is not exclusively one method, but more a vast network of influences and knowledge that we choose as those tools to discover our own perceptions.
As each life is its own with a purpose and a reason endowed by the Creator, then shouldn’t that life know which are the best tools to achieve that purpose and find meaning in its reason?
For us, it is only to listen for a whisper and then decide for ourselves what we hear. That decision marks the beginning of a life that we custom build using tools specifically designed by us.


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