Mindset 155

by C.L. Harmon
It seems that we are at odds with our environment, always fighting to regain our footing or replace what we have lost. This is because our world takes from us often without cause and almost always with finality.
We are a race conditioned for loss. We take from ourselves through acts such as violence and deceit causing death and loss of innocence. Nature takes from us through natural disasters, disease takes from us by breaking down our bodies and stress and depression take from us by stealing the happiness we have worked toward.
There is no escape from loss; it is the absolute certainty of our existence. However, it has limitations as to what it can take from us on the inside. That being it can only take what we choose to give it.
A house, wealth or material possessions are not a part of who we are. They can all be taken from us and not altar our true self. But how we allow those losses to affect our actions that follow will ultimately reveal just how much we truly have to lose.
We can choose to live in despair and self pity giving up part of who we are to the loss. Or we can choose to have faith in a life plan greater than our own and prepared by He who created us.
We can choose to believe in the next moment and all the blessings it can bring and even add to ourselves through the character we have gained by overcoming adversity and loss.


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