Mindset 154

by C.L. Harmon
Your faith is in all that you are and do. What you believe defines you and that definition is without dispute. It becomes your identity while on earth and the mark you leave on the world after you are gone.
If you believe in God then you live as a believer in possibilities greater than your imagination. If you believe in hope then it is hope that will hold you when reason and certainty have allowed you to stumble.
If you believe in yourself, then it is you who will discover that your accomplishments have no limitations. If you believe in nothing then the absence of everything will be all that you know.
You will be judged, ridiculed, persecuted, admired, revered and remembered for your beliefs. Some of those beliefs will have been taught to you and others cultivated by the experiences of life, but they all share one characteristic—they are ours to choose and keep.
We each have a right to believe in that which we feel will guide us best through life. Though we may disagree with others’ beliefs, our responsibility is to understand that their identity and legacy are their own and that we are to just simply have faith in them.


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