Mindset 153

by C.L. Harmon
There was a time when being a leader was a responsibility to better the people and not an honor or title of notoriety. There was an age when being a caregiver meant providing for others out of compassion first and currency second.
There was an epoch when listening to others meant that what they thought had merit and our practice of it showed them respect and taught us humility.
There was an era when the truth was a guide to prove innocence or guilt and not a tool of convenience used to disguise one and deny the other. There was a season when actions were owned and honored, not excused and blamed unto others.
There was a period when faith, not fear led people and a moment in each of our lives when we were given the opportunity to experience all of these ideals by the choices we made.
What decisions we make and principles we choose to live by in the days we are given are the definition of our identity to every generation after us. We are the “time” that the future will refer to for guidance and the basis for the world they leave behind.


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