Mindset 151

by C.L. Harmon
When we think of our lives, our place in humanity and our world, we tend to think of it on a broad scale that encompasses all that we do and experience as an ordinary ritual of sorts. But what if that world we focus so heavily on each day causes us to lose sight of so much more.
Consider that all life, each individual entity, is a world all its own, made up of countless functions and processes in constant motion. We must realize that life is happening in each ability, every talent, each characteristic—every second. Examine them as though they are the only thing in your world. See them as a sole entity, full of energy and vitality and become enlightened as to the extraordinary genius of your creation.
Within each thought that becomes an idea, every ability that becomes a creation and each characteristic that brings interaction with others, there is an opportunity to discover that perhaps the meaning of life is simply that life has meaning. The hours we are given to live are our opportunity to find that meaning in each and every aspect of our lives.


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