Mindset 150

by C.L. Harmon
The words we think are about how we feel. Those thoughts are often impulsive and without control. However, the words we speak are choices that affect how others feel and ones we can and should control.
Communication is the essence of our existence. We think, feel, act and react to what is conveyed to us by the words others use to communicate with us. This means we have a responsibility to speak cautiously and sometimes to not speak at all.
The ability to communicate must be learned and honed in order to be positively effective. History teaches that words instigate wars, bring about death, incite riots and destroy lives. Does this not suggest that what we say is actually the way of the world?
It is not by accident that humanity feels pain when spoken to and of negatively. These are internal messages instilled in us by our Creator for our understanding of the fact that words build nations of respect and sympathy or degradation and destruction.
Every word has a side and causes others to choose a side that is equal and equally distant from its opposite; words of scorn cause those of condemnation, words of racism cause those of hatred, words of forgiveness cause those of hope and words of passion cause those that bring about change. Every word spoken is the outcome of our next day and the quality of the world in which we live.


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