Mindset 149

by C.L. Harmon
We often become defined by our shortcomings. They become our identities where others are concerned. We label others and they us by those qualities or habits we don’t possess, like or understand.
What we don’t often consider is how our perceptions of those shortcomings or faults we see in others are only part of the story describing who they are. They are segments of lives left for others to observe and judge without explanation as to their reason or origin.
What if those shortcomings were results of battles fought to understand the injustices in that person’s life? Would we not be more likely to show empathy than to judge? What if those qualities perceived as faults were methods of coping with tragedy? Would we still want to label or be labeled instead of choosing to understand and be understood by others.
Do we choose to add positive chapters to the life stories of others by accepting them for who they are with an act that defines us, or do we close the book on them forever and become the definition of misunderstanding…


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