Mindset 148

by C.L. Harmon
The basis for any civilization to make peace with the atrocities committed by those who choose to not live within the bounds of conscience, morality, and compassion is the strength of the foundation in which that culture is built.
There is no utopia within the confines of human existence. But there is understanding and there is always the truth in which to build a society upon.
The foundation for a society will support the will of its people if it is built on the premise of seeking the truth, understanding its flaws, and allowing equal justice to be the measure of its collective conscience.
Revenge, retaliation and retribution lack mercy. They are blind to justice and therefore stand on a foundation which morality cannot see or support. These are actions which degrade the character of humanity causing its civilization to eventually topple.
The absence of conscience is chaos. It is not the foundation in which humanity was formed upon, but the crumbling erosion of a society created to allow the evils of humanity to become more important than the principles of righteousness.


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