Mindset 147

by C.L. Harmon
Perceptions often become truths to those of us who dwell in the miseries of this life causing us to view the world void of an open heart and mind.
We all suffer the same fault of losing our sense of clarity to some degree in the face of tragedy, fear and depression. But it is our responsibility to regain that clarity and focus on what is positive as our lives continue.
When we choose to hold out, believing that our anger, grief or contempt brings closure or relief, then we live our days with impaired vision. This lack of sight then becomes the way we view all of our surroundings.
We become people who can perceive only half truths allowing the negativity we carry to create the other half. We give control to that other half which thrives on a voracious appetite that it then forces us to feed; all while offering us a distorted view of the world.
As the negativity continues seeking out what it needs and is fed by us, we eventually become blind to the wonders of our surroundings and the blessings that could have come from seeing beyond our perceptions and into the full view of the truth.


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