Mindset 146

by C.L. Harmon
There is understanding in all things and if we are to prosper, we must choose to seek it out. But that understanding does not always come easily and must often be realized through effort.
It is true that understanding is a gift, but its value to us is only as significant as the effort put forth to comprehend its meaning. Life is a continuous series of learning experiences where the meanings taken from them mold the world we create for ourselves while giving us direction.
Perhaps these meanings are life’s road map to the next destination. If we delve into the understanding behind our latest successes, failures, tragedies or conquests then we gain the wisdom and knowledge to reach the next location en route to our final destination.
It is when we choose to not seek out the meanings in our experiences that we get lost. Without that knowledge and wisdom we can only guess at which direction will  guide us to our greatest outcome.
To believe that life has purpose, we must first believe that not everything is left to chance. We must have faith that each of us have a destination and a map that will ultimately lead us to an enlightenment that far exceeds prosperity, which is given to us simply as rewards for our efforts to understand.


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