Mindset 145

Mindset by C.L. Harmon  Inside all of us there exists a universe specifically designed for us to find meaning and answers when the world outside is void of them. It’s a place that allows us to grow from the inside out and truly understand who we are.  In order to use this place, all we must do is look within ourselves. At times in our lives many of us will often look about our surroundings seeking clues to a happy existence or solutions to the difficulties that plague us. We do this with the belief that all answers rest in what our senses relay to us.  But the answers we seek are not in our senses but closer, as is the discovery of our full potential. Consider that it is within our inner universe that we muster courage when the world outside is in fear, that we find understanding when those who surround us find contempt and from within is where we build futures from dreams without the limits of past certainties.  It’s what inside of this universe that is at our core. This is our essence which we spend a lifetime uncovering and growing to become. Our lives and the decisions that we are faced with everyday are simply opportunities to reach within and discover what we are truly made of.


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