Mindset 127

by C.L. Harmon
What are you losing this very moment? Maybe it’s a friendship, a marriage, a dream or even hope. Are you losing it because of what you are doing destroys it or due to the fact that you are not doing anything to save it.
Look at loss in the sense that retrieving some things that are lost never returns them to what they were before being abandoned. Each time one of these certain things are taken or let go of, the broken bond can be fused back together but will never be the same as it was before the break.
Letting go of troublesome or burdensome situations may save us now but those actions will cost us gravely later. If we let go of a friend because they anger us, this does not mean that the elements of chemistry we share that made us friends in the first place simply dissolves.
Life will eventually reconnect us to that friend, dream or the need for hope and we will discover that what we let go of never let go of us. We will then begin to understand that the real loss was not what we relinquished, but the time we lost in between. We further discover the reality of what we could have achieved had we not accepted loss as an option.


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