Mindset 144

by C.L. Harmon
The greatest obstacle between two points is not the distance that must be traveled but the reality that not all paths lead to success and that we often reach that point of destination only to discover tragic results.
Yet we take that first step, leaving a comfortable and safe point to walk into an unknown abyss. We walk on faith, run on courage and stand on conviction to reach that next point. And we do so knowing that upon arrival we may be in worse circumstances than before we left.
And so the question remains as to why. Why do we become gamblers willing to lose what is now, for what could be at the end of the path? Perhaps it is because reaching the next point allows us the opportunity to seek answers about ourselves through what we have just experienced…and that is worth the gamble.
We discover between those points that we are more than our thoughts; more than our perceptions when we push aside fear and move toward another destination. We learn that who we can be and what we can accomplish are always in the next step and will cease only in the stillness of a path not taken.


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