Mindset 143

by C.L. Harmon
Are we truly considering the ramifications of the freedoms we sacrifice in the name of remaining safe? By doing so are we still truly free or a slave to fear? Does limiting or placing conditions on our freedoms save us or make us appear weak to those who wish to take it from us? We must understand that it has never been the amount of freedom one is afforded that has been most at risk but the ideals which gave it to us.
We must further understand that limiting what has already been established is the first law handed down by tyrants. It is interesting that many of those who lose their freedom, lose it not to direct aggression but give it up of their own free will by the choices they make as a nation. They become slaves to a master who wishes freedom for only himself.
It is paramount that we see beyond our actions and focus on the scope of their repercussions if we are to remain an example of freedom. If the very essence of freedom is lost in the measures to protect it, then we become captive by our own will and slaves to the will of others.


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