Mindset 141

by C.L. Harmon
How is it that we can see and yet be so blind, hear and be so deaf? Why is it that we reach out but don’t touch; feel but don’t react?
Is it that we have become numb to our surroundings and even our world? Perhaps as a race we have not yet learned that closing our eyes to tragedy does not distance us from it but rather separates the tragedy from the recovery.
This is because we are the recovery. Each and every one of us should become its definition when we see disaster or hear of oppression. It is our responsibility to reach out to injustices and then act to set those wrongs right.
It may, at times, seem that when we do rise to meet those responsibilities; it has little impact on the colossal problems or abhorrent activities within our own lives and around the globe.
But consider that the greatest benefit of reacting to tragedy and what we deem as wrong has always been meant for us. It allows us to understand that what we feel makes us who we are. And when we know our true identity, we are truly alive and able to experience life’s pilgrimage with a new found sense.


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