Mindset 140

by C.L. Harmon
Imagine a world where borders that separate people are an archaic memory. Then begin a journey.
Dream that which seems impossible and then believe that all things are possible as long as you believe.
Envision a people who practice equality because they have learned that only at the end of oppression does peace come; never during or at the beginning.
Assume that others are greater than they appear, tell them your assumption and watch them aspire to meet the faith you have in them.
Live the existence you know to be possible and place the first stone in its construction. Others will either help you build or cast stones at you. If they cast them then you have been supplied with more stones in which to build.
Strive to always believe in a concept where humanity breeds kindness because it understands it to be the only language not separated by race, then use it to communicate.
Then pray that you are right in your endeavors and be humbled when you are not. Because humility brings answers to error when confidence and knowledge fail, and it is necessary that we practice it if we are to ever change the ideals which now represent our world.


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