Mindset 139

by C.L. Harmon
It may appear that when the Creator completed the world that He had finished a project. But it seems much more likely that He had only just begun. And it seems that He continues to build onto that project in every stitch of time.
It’s without a doubt apparent that humanity takes more from this world than it gives back. Its resources sustain our lives and the styles of our lives. Though many of us do give back, it pales in comparison to all that we take, and yet the world still continues to give.
When we poison the water with human error it eventually finds purity, when we pollute the air with known dangerous toxins it filters clean and when we destroy the landscape with war and greed it grows back to provide sustenance.
All of these acts are potentially destructive to humanity and yet we still survive. Perhaps it is the existence of today, just simply a new day, that is proof that the Creator’s work continues so that we may continue. Perhaps one of life’s greatest gifts is not the world we create for ourselves but the one He continually builds for us.


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