Mindset 138

by C.L. Harmon
The world often seems a place where we hide from those things which we believe will hurt us or cause us damage in some way. In many ways it has become a way of existence where information from our leaders to what we tell our own children becomes hidden.
But what is hidden from us is stolen from us. Consider the idea that the negative kept from us to protect us actually harms us by leaving us vulnerable to that which we are not aware. Concealment does not allow us to prepare and protect ourselves. Nor does it allow for changing the negative.
Consider further that the withholding of any information can and often does becomes the breeding ground for a lie. To cloak the truth by hiding it away does not destroy it but only allows time and space for the lie to grow.
The truth will eventually emerge. And when it does, it will not only set us free but allow us to remain completely free, because it provides for any and all bonds to be questioned and then validated or eradicated.


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