Mindset 137

by C.L. Harmon
Is it our search for happiness which drives us to the decisions we make? And why does one decision to achieve happiness seem right for us in the beginning but wrong once we have begun pursuing the course of that choice, in search of it.
Could it be that happiness, and the joy in living, can be found in many experiences, even the ones that appear to have gone awry? Perhaps this is true because each difference in us offers new avenues to find fulfillment. Is it not possible that every one of those roads do eventually lead to a form of blessedness if we stay on them long enough? And with that possibility is it not plausible that by continuing the journey and making decisions from our hearts while upon them, we will be led to a positive outcome?
Faith is not about taking the right road every time but about believing its destination will lead to fulfillment, regardless of how long we must travel it or our doubts that it may not have been the best road in the beginning.
It is our desires that lead us to our choices but our faith which leads us to the outcomes in our lives. So perhaps what drives us is our belief that we can and will find something worthwhile in all our choices.


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