Mindset 136

by C.L. Harmon
We do not all see the world the same way. Nor do we even see it the same way consistently as we progress through life.
This should be the first truth we acknowledge when we encounter another person. And with that truth we must understand that the person is in a different place than we are at that moment. And then understand that even if we were in the same place, the Creator did not give us the exact same strengths in which to understand our sense of existence.
Consider that some of us are given a patient nature while others must struggle to wait for even short periods of time. And then there are those who are quick to anger while others have a more gentle nature that instinctively calls for nurturing before fury.
There is no doubt that we can all work toward those qualities that we admire in others and even achieve those goals to certain degrees, but this only adds to our character. It does not change what is naturally instilled in us from our Creator.
Perhaps the greatest challenge for us is to simply allow and accept others to view the world from their vantage point. And in doing so, maybe we learn that life has a meaning as large as we are willing to accept.


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