Mindset 135

by C.L. Harmon
This could be the greatest day of your life. Today could be the day you say just the right words to help a person in dire straits. It could be the day you lend a hand to someone who has fallen and lost the will to get back up or even the day you perform an act which helps another reach their dreams.
Most of us think our greatest days are the ones when everything good happens to us. But how those days come about is barely a thought at all. Perhaps that thought should be one for the words and actions of others that are what makes those days possible for us.
This world in which we live and the one we create for ourselves revolves around people. Our actions—both good and bad—do more than just affect the outcomes of situations, they can actually help people change themselves. By the words we hear and the outcomes we witness or are a part of, we can find new meaning in our lives and use that to give others and ourselves the greatest days of our lives.


One Response to “Mindset 135”

  1. You have been given an amazing gift. Just the way you translate your thoughts onto paper. It makes it so easy for people to understand exactly what point you are trying to make. I am honored, and can honestly say, that I have been inspired by your writings for many years. I remember the good old days of listening to you in the break room and seeing your work written on napkins. You were an inspiration then and I hope that you continue to be one for many years to come. I am looking forward to reading more. People like you can make this world a better place. I am proud to call you friend. Best of luck and God bless.

    Chuck W.

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