Mindset 134

by C.L. Harmon
Why is it we fall and rise only to fall again? How does stumbling through life and then falling at the most crucial times help us to have faith? And more importantly, why must those who have faith even need to fall.
Struggling through our days seems to be a central theme in life. We battle the demons, fight the good fight and travel bridges over troubled waters only to discover a new battle that was lost before we began to fight or a raging river with a bridge in collapse.
Perhaps it is our faith that provides us with a new route and safe passage across the river . And even more, our faith which ended those battles that would have brought us more destruction than we could endure. Is it not faith that is the greatest weapon in the good fight?
Faith does not eliminate struggle or even keep us from falling during life’s battle, but it never deserts during the fight and is always there to pick us up after a fall and keep us from drowning in those troubled waters. Perhaps our many falls are our constant reminder that we are never alone and are never without an ally in the good fight that makes up our lives.


One Response to “Mindset 134”

  1. saraya harmon Says:

    woww. this is so good(: i did not even realize how thought-provoking your mindsets could be. i did read many on this page and i am so amazed at each and every one of them. Your talent is beyond tremendous. well i love you i just wanted you to know how proud i am to be your daughter(:

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