Mindset 133

Mindset 133
by C.L. Harmon
Do we ever actually think about those whom we spend time with beyond what we see on the surface? Do we truly know them and what they are feeling, needing and struggling with?
As it is true that we all hide parts of ourselves from those around us, it is also true that we feel an inextricable inclination to seek out those who can help us.
We also seem to have an innate sense to help others through this life, which explains why we sense when something is wrong with them. No one makes it in this world alone, because we must be dependent upon each other to help all of us defeat what works to destroy us.
It is exactly that which works to destroy us that keeps us wrapped up in our own lives and less involved in the lives of others. And our response to that very effort at destruction which allows those around us to fall when we should have helped them stand.


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